Vaishnav Seva

Vaishnava Bhojan

ISKCON Habibpur is home to 19 Vaishnavs engaged in the service of Lord Krishna and maintenance of the temple you can sponsor one-time prasadam bhojan of all the Vaishnavs.

Monthly maintaince

ISKCON Habibpur provides Vaishnav allowance per month per Vaishnav to all serving Lord Krishna in the temple with a sum of Rs. 500. You can sponsor 19 Vaishnavas one-month allowance.

1 set of Dhoti Kurta Uttari

Get an opportunity to donate a Vaishnava with a set of Dhoti Kurta and Uttari

Yearly Health Insurance

ISKCON Habibpur has taken health Insurances for all the Vaishnavas in the temple you can support them by paying a whole year's insurance premium.

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